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Jam4Us Artist Development Workshop

by Vision One Media in Partnership with Xquisite Marketing

Vision One Media has provided up-and-coming artists with opportunities to showcase their talent through Jam4Us and other events we have produced. What we have learned is that there is a huge need for Artist Development & providing helpful resources to talent in this industry. We are passionate about creating a space where artists can grow, develop, create, and distribute a great product. Due to this, we are hosting our very first Artist Development Workshop providing artists with tools for marketing, branding, production, and management information that can excel in their careers. We will be providing expersts in each field to provide professional insight to you as an artist. Are you an artist looking to break into the industry? Just getting started and need som3e guidance? Already established, but need branding & marketing guidance along with professional photos or promotional videos to promote your brand? If you answered yes to any of these questions this workshop is for you.   Register today at the link below!

Recording Music

Workshop Itinerary Breakdown

Day 1: 10 am-4pm

Branding (Includes Image & Brand Voice)

Building a Timeless Brand that Connects with your Target Audience

Diving Deep On Your Current Brand & Elements Needed to Enhance

How to Build Your Brand From Scratch & The Tool s To Help You Leverage Your Natural Talents

Copywriting, Trademarks, & Contracts

Learn from a legal perspective how to protect yourself and your brand

Marketing (Includes Insight on Traditional & Non-Traditional Marketing)

How to Best Position Yourself as An Artist to Be Discovered

The Top 10 Ways To Market On Each Social Media Platform

How To Monetize Your Brand 

Industry Knowledge (Learn from Industry professionals and get live feedback)

Do's & Don'ts of the Industry

Industry Trends & Processes

Photo & Video Promotional Power Shoot

Our team will provide you with a photographer and videographer or a professional headshot and 15-second promotional drop to use for your brand. 

Day 2: Technical Production Insight & Artist Showcase 4pm-10pm

This will include a 2hr Technical production breakdown a well as an artist showcase. Each artist will get an opportunity to showcase their talent. We will vote and select the top 3 artists to open up for Jam4Us All-Star event in December. 


All Workshop Participants Will Attend Jam4Us Concert-Tickets will be complimentary

Meet The Speakers

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